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Emergency department

The Emergency department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This department is supervised by our experienced team and doctors and they are experienced in dealing with all kinds of emergencies such as heart problems, accidents and more . The ambulance is ready at all times to deliver patients with emergencies.

Surgery department

The surgery department at Alsaadi Private Hospital has 6 large operating theatres prepared with new equipment. It also has a recovery room equipped with the latest equipment to receive patients under emergency. The surgical team can complete the following surgeries:

General surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, gynaecology and breast surgery, orthopaedics surgery, arthroscopic surgery, nephrology surgery, urology surgery, ophthalmology, nose, ear and throat surgery, neurosurgery (including brain surgery), blood vessel surgery, jaw and facial surgery, dental surgery and finally plastic surgery.

Department of internal medicine

The most important services available in this department are:

diseases of the digestive system, lung diseases and allergies, neurological disorders, blood and cancer diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, endocrine diseases and diabetes, joint disorders and infectious diseases

Sterilisation department

This department is equipped with the latest equipment for heat and gas sterilization to achieve the highest level of safety when using the medical equipment. This department is managed by a group of technicians who continuously supervise the conditions of the equipment by frequently taking random samples of them.

Childrens department

This unit is managed by a team of doctors and nurses with extensive experience and high competence. This department is available around the clock to receive emergencies.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The labour rooms are prepared with high-end equipment for emergencies during birth in both baby and mother. This unit is also comprised of a group of specialists and nursing staff available around the clock to receive all kinds of emergencies.

Laboratory Department

This unit is equipped with the latest electronic equipment and computers, all under the supervision of specialist doctors. This department has been able to obtain the trust of doctors and patients alike because of the accuracy of the results it gives. The laboratory unit is comprised of:

  • Blood tests and all types of laboratory tests
  • Histopathology (examination of tissues)

All the test results carried out by the laboratory staff are saved on the computer so it’s available upon request.


Good news!

The hospital management team will cooperate with our representatives in the UK to provide high quality medicine (of British origin). We will also ensure the transportation and storage conditions meet international standards.

Nursing department

The nursing department consists of a nursing unit which is distributed to all departments to provide nursing services 24 hours a day. The nursing team in the hospital undergo continuous training courses in order to keep abreast of recent developments in this field. The nursing team also educate their patients and are constantly subject to the policies of dealing with patients, which works to reduce the spread of diseases and epidemics. This is all to ensure that our patients are protected at all times and maintain their health.

Blood bank

The blood bank of the hospital provides blood to its patients as well as all its derivatives

Diagnostic services

This consists of: 

  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy by using a television, stomach and duodenum, large intestine, liver and pancreas ducts, respiratory tract
  • Urinary tract and bladder
  • Joints
  • Normal and hard-heart surgery (STRESST TEST)
  • Centre for extra hair removal

The hospital also contains a special unit for the outpatient clinic which includes all specialties- this department receives patients from 8am to 2pm.

The most important services available in this unit are:

  • Gastroscopy/duodenum endoscopy
  • Large intestine endoscopy
  • Laparoscopy of liver and pancreas
  • Respiratory Endoscopy
  • Urology endoscopy
  • Normal and effortless ECG
  • Laser hair removal centre

x-ray department

This department will be ready in the near future, God willing. It will comprise of a set of modern equipment in CT and axial imaging. A team of specialised doctors and technicians manage this department.

The most important services this unit offers is:

  •  spiral CT-Scan
  •  Dental-scan
  • central tomography
  • 3D-4D general imaging (abdominal, pelvic, glands, breast, prostate, fetus, etc.)
  • Colorectal ultrasound imaging of the heart and arteries.
  • General radiography.
  • Imaging of jaws and teeth.

Some of the most important services that this department will offer in the future are:

  • Spiral CT-Scan (Abdominal, pelvis, glands etc…)
  • Coloured ultrasound of the heart and arteries
  • General radiography
  • Jaws and teeth scans
  • Mammography

Intensive care unit (ICU-CCU)

This unit includes six beds-all equipped with the best modern technology, in addition to specialised medical and nursing staff which are available 24/7.

Department of dilution of the heart and arteries

This section is managed by highly qualified physicians who perform: orthodontics, balloon and catheterization from the hand. This department allows for the patient to leave the same day if possible. This department is equipped with the latest advanced medical devices and saves the processes on CD to give to the patient.

Department of Medical Records

This section is supervised by staff with experience in archiving medical files. This department also regulates and maintains medical records of patients according to particular standards that ensure fast access to- and the maintenance of- information for long periods.

These files are also saved on the computer.

Department of Nutrition

This unit is supervised by a nutritionist who supervises the preparation of food programs for the patients of the hospital- each according to his or her health. In addition to supervising the storage of food (like vegetables, fruits, meat and others) and preparing the food, the department of nutrition also contains a modern kitchen built and equipped according to scientific and health standards. This ensures that meals are provided timely to each patient according to his/her health state.

Department of General and Medical Maintenance

This department is headed by a medical equipment engineer who is always in the hospital to perform maintenance and repair of sudden breakdowns in existing medical equipment. He also supervises and monitors contracts with companies that maintain some medical equipment. In addition to this, the department consists of a team of technicians who carry out maintenance operations through out the entire hospital.

Working hours: work starts from 8:00am to 4:00pm-team members are ready to attend the hospital at all times incase of emergency.

Medical Administration

The Medical Department at Alsaadi Hospital acts as the Medical Director and follows all departments. The main objectives of the medical administration is:

  • to ensure the necessary and correct medical care for all patients.
  • Keeping up with doctors of the hospital in terms of following up for new educational attainments as well as new medical equipment.
  • To ensure the best relations between the management of the hospital and doctors.

Infection control department

This department is supervised by a specialist in infection control. The department is responsible for monitoring the application of international standards in the workplace to ensure the prevention of infection between patients and between patients and staff in the hospital. This is achieved through continuous monitoring in which the department takes random samples from different places in the hospital. The Department also conducts training and continuous education for patients, staff and doctors through periodic publications and lectures in the hospital.

Department of Informatics

The departments in Al Saadi Hospital are connected by an internal computer network to facilitate and accelerate the transfer and exchange of medical information between all departments. This means that the results of tests, laboratory tests and reports from the Radiology Department can be viewed from any computer. The hospital also has an accounting program that brings the financial management of the different departments together.

This department is managed by an experienced computer engineer who solves daily problems that may occur on the network or on devices themselves. The engineer also saves information, works to develop the hospital’s information and works to correct the performance and give it a fast enough speed to be able to complete transactions and facilitate the services between patients and employees.

Dental clinic

The dental department is an essential component of the health care delivery system. Dental care is a medical specialty for prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and surgical or non-surgical treatment of diseases related to oral cavities and dental structures within the mouth. Oral hygiene is an integral part of the overall health of the body. The team of dentists at Al-Saadi Hospital is composed of dentists, most of whom have additional training after obtaining the first degree in dentistry. This enables them to provide more specialized treatment than a general dentist would. The team of dental assistants, dentists, dental technicians and dental radiologists strive their hardest to provide excellent services in which they have been trained to the highest of standards.

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